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Mirra coffee is a stronger, slightly bitter coffee. Word deriving from the Arabic “mur” meaning bitter, is a specialty of the southeastern region of Turkey.

Ottoman Style Turkish Mirra Coffee Service Set

Honor your guests with this great coffee set.

  • Premium quality
  • Turkish made
  • Ideal for Turkish, Greek, Arabic coffee & espresso serving
  • Cup capacity: 2 Oz
  • Weight:3.3 Oz (100 grams) each
  • Cup Height: 1.96″ (5 cm)
  • Cup Diameter:2.36″ (6 cm)
  • Authentic, unique gift for anyone.

About Mirra Cups

The cups are of a special type, and no one would dream of drinking it from anything else. These are tiny cups in the form of inverted truncated cones, without handles. Good manners require that the person who is served should look into the face of the person who serves the coffee, and when finished should hand the cup back. To place the cup down is regarded as impolite, and the forfeit is either to fill the cup with gold or to promise to arrange the marriage of the young man who offered the cup! How this custom originated is unknown, but the following story is related to the subject. One day a rich guest in the house of a landowner decided to tip the coffee maker but sought to do it in such a way that his host would not take it as a slur on his hospitality.