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American Coffee / Cappucino Cups and Saucers Set for 6

Cappucino Mug With Serving Tray and Candy Bowl

Your hospitality is transformed into a feast by this outstanding coffee set!

  • Traditionally handmade
  • High quality copper and nickel
  • Anatolian motifs handcarved on to the coffee cups set
  • Ottoman style cups, which draw attention with their special and unique design, are the perfect choice for you both in terms of shape and the flavor it gives to coffee.
  • Full Capcity 8.5 oz for Cappuccino Use ( Around 7 oz if use for normal drink )

With its heavy presentation and wonderful workmanship, you can transfer from generation to generation for many years.

Package Content

  • 6 cup,
  • 6 saucer,
  • 6 holder,
  • 6 lid,
  • 1 bowl + lid
  • Tray 12'' diameter

Product Features

  • Embroidered cup is on the outside of the cups.
  • First class materials and workmanship are used in the cup, plate and tray.
    Products designed and manufactured in Turkey.
  • The world famous Turkish brand Kütahya Porcelain products are used in the porcelain parts.


  • Service trays and cups may become dull over time due to contact with water and air.
  • In such cases, you can restore the product to its original brightness when you clean the product with a damp cloth or cotton.
  • After the cleaning of the products must be dried with a soft dry cloth.
  • It is not recommended that your products be washed in a dishwasher in order to preserve the “first day appearance” for longer.